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Marbled beef

It’s no secret that marbled beef or beef from the Angus breed of cattle is recognised world-wide as some of the finest beef in the world. The tender juicy taste of this beef is ensured by a generation of farmers dedicated to producing high quality Angus cattle that are renown for the production of high quality beef. In this field, every country and even every farmer has its own secrets -- some farmers have their stock bulls drink special beers, others rub down their stock bulls using special massage techniques, while other play Bach and Chopin’s overtures for their livestock. All these measures are taken up in order to produce the best marbled beef that we are proud to feature and serve within our restaurant.

The name “marbled beef” refers to the fact that the meat resembles marble -- its threads and patterns look like marble. The simple pattern of fat has been formed in the tissue of young stock bulls thanks to a special and sophisticated breeding technology. Due to the negligible fat layers, the taste of marbled beef is uniquely exquisite and tender, and it is highly appreciated by lovers of fine quality beef throughout the world.

The major secret of marbled beef is that it does not involve a special cooking recipe, however, it involves special grades of meat that provide the best taste.

The quantities of marbled beef supplied to the European Union today are strictly limited. The future supplies have been allocated for many years. That’s why few European restaurants offer marbled beef steaks.

Currently, the GOODWIN is the only restaurant in the Baltic states, and only one of the three restaurants in Northern Europe, offering a wide choice of this special high quality beef. This delicacy beef is delivered to Estonia from Australia, and partially from the US.

Marbled beef delivered from Australia provides opportunities for chefs to prepare exquisite meals and dishes of various cuisines, such as Japanese, American, European or Asian cuisines. Nowadays, Australian beef is considered to be among some of the finest beef in the world. Of course, the most famous and therefore most popular dish is classic steak. In our restaurant you can order the most famous steaks prepared according to the traditions of many centuries, such as strip loin and rib eye steak or filet mignon. Such an opportunity is truly unique!



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