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T-bone Steak

T-bone steak

Juicy T-Bone steak is prepared from selected grain-fed specially selected beef, that is from the marble beef. These great steaks have T-shaped bone. This piece of meat weighs more than a half a kilogram, and supposedly is suitable for the stronger sex representatives.

The famous T-bone is so named because of the bone in his cut shaped as the letter "T". But such a cut is only known for a small number of professionals and cannot be found in local markets. So, T-bone steak, imagine that the butcher cuts the carcass back across the spine horizontally. At the top of the cut is two pieces of meat - what is called a thick edge. They are separated by the upper bone of the spine. Here you have the bone in the shape of the letter "T", which became the name of the steak.

T-bone steak is made up of two kinds of meat - Tenderloin and a thin Striploin. It combines softness of the Tenrerloins filet mignon (the muscle that is not working, so soft, that melts in the mouth) and balanced taste of the Striploin (the part of having the most pronounced "beef" flavour). Special, tantalizing the senses and the aroma is added by the steak bone.

Recommended cooking stage - Medium, or Medium-Rare.



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