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The Steak House GOODWIN is a chain-based project. The first GOODWIN was opened in Tallinn (Estonia) in 2009. The Prime Aberdeen Angus meat, got from ecologically pure regions of Australia and the United States, is only a part of GOODWIN's culture and its success. The other one are professionally prepared steaks, craftsmanship and passion of our team to the job we do. Moreover, we do not forget the emotional constituent of the concept strongly pronounced in the name of the steak house - "GOODWIN".

GOODWIN is not a simple word. This is a surname with a very formidable background. It was created from the baptismal name Godwin, which comes from the Old English "GO-DWINE", composed of the elements "GO-D", meaning “good”, and "WINE" meaning "friend". In modern English GOODWIN means “good” and "win".

The symbol and prototype for the brand name is RON GOODWIN (1925-2003), the Scottish composer and successor of GOODWIN family that moved discover the "New World" (North America) in the XIX century.

Later on, they brought from Scotland a few Aberdeen Angus bulls. Subsequently Goodwin's were one the founders of the traditional American steak culture. The cowboys were always welcomed in GOODWIN's house anytime they passed through. Their hearty appetites, after being on the range, called for larger portions of steaks for consumption. The unique technology of cooking steaks distinguishes the steak house GOODWIN from many other similar concepts. The wonderful marbled meat is prepared in a coal furnace from Spain called Josper.

GOODWIN's affability and their hospitality have been reflected in our steak houses GOODWIN - a unique concept and dining experienc.

GOODWIN's mission is to create certain image associated with the Australian genuine beef and native steak house. Working on our project we wanted to create a real "steak house" atmosphere, our guests to feel good and easy, as at home.

We are sure, the steak-house culture is based on three fundamental points: quality of the meat, importance of the guest, and our traditions.

Quality of the meat is how we consider the product we work with. Professional approach from the beginning to the end helps us to select prime beef of highest quality, to prepare it with care and to serve it simply good.

Importance of the guest is a part of old-aged GOODWIN's family traditions. This is a principle of our hospitality. We have created a friendly atmosphere for steak-lovers – our friends, - as it has been done for ages.

Finally our traditions are "what we follow impeccably": stability, quality, and taste. We always have the exceptional Angus beef. We always offer a professional service.

Just come and enjoy it!

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