Best-ever steaks. To enjoy

The steak house opening

On April 28, 2009 the GOODWIN Steak House held a party – we celebrated the opening of our restaurant. A popular TV anchorman Tauri Tallermaa told the guests about the restaurant concept and quirks. ERSO quartet of the Estonian National Orchestra played background music.


More than one hundred and fifty guests – famous Estonian politicians, officials of foreign embassies, journalists, restaurant reviewers, and representatives of partner companies tasted original meals specially designed for the party. Roman Kuchinsky, the restaurant chef, carried out a blitz master class, demonstrating to guests what marbled beef was. Beef of such high quality never before had been served in Estonian restaurants. Our guests were highly impressed and inspired by the information and the taste of the steaks! The party was concluded with a friendly lottery for the new and future guests of the GOODWIN Steak House. The prizes included restaurant keepsakes and the grand prize was dinner for two at a considerable price.

The guests said that the event that continued far past midnight was very warm, friendly and cosy (see photos). It really was. In our restaurant you will always feel at home. But of course, our steaks are the most important issue!!!





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