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Cowboy Steak

Steak "Cowboy" can be prepared only from specially selected grain-fed beefl, that means from the marble beef. This is a very large steak weight which can range from 500 grams to 1 kilogram, depending on the size of a bull. And, of course, primarily for this reason, it is considered truly masculine steak.

Another name for this steak is – Rib-eye on the bone. The Cut from which the "Cowboy" steak is cut from is the same used to make and Rib-eye steaks, the most "marble" bard of the bull, only with preservation of the rib bones. Since the marbling of beef near the bones is intense, the recommended preparation for these steaks is «Medium well». Bone adds meat a truly unique flavor. The "Cowboy" takes little longer to prepare than other steaks - because of its size and the presence of bone. Therefore, guests who order this steak, have a few extra minutes to wait before meeting with this truly unique work of culinary art.

Meat flavor of "Cowboy" steak cannot be confused with any other, and the bone attached to the meat gives a unique flavor and making it juicier.


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