Best-ever steaks. To enjoy

Banquet menu

Cold appetizers on the table

GOODWIN's home marinated herring served with toasted dark bread

GOODWIN roast beef made from marbled beef served with special sauce

Lightly salted Norwegian salmon with rucola

GOODWIN Böff a la tartare


Salads on the table

Mixed salad with roast beef, almond potatoes and sun-dried tomatoes and homemade mayonnaise

Caesar salad with chicken


Hot dishes (for choice)

Texas steaks mix - beef tenderloin, picanha beef, chuck tender


Manhattan fish mix - red snapper, tuna, salmon


Side dishes on the table

Grilled vegetables - paprika, tomato, zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms

"Idaho" potatoes

Bread basket



Chocolate, raspberry tart


The package is available from 20 people


We look forward to welcome you and your guest to GOODWIN The Steak House!

*** pre-order two days before the event ***

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